Twin Flame Webinars with Patricia McNeilly

Multidimensional Living™ (4 Part Series)

In this 4 part online webinar, I will guide you on how to elevate out of your human body and into your Angelic Light Body. You will learn powerful new techniques for daily living as a high vibrational, multi-dimensional being. We will move beyond the initial cycle of purging and releasing the past, and learn to focus on moving forward with optimal health and emotional well being. This webinar will also teach you how to be aware of your Twin Flame while sensing new energies and upcoming portals.

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Leaving the 4th Dimension™ (3 Part Series)

This 3 part online webinar guides you to move beyond the 4th dimension (4D) and into 5th dimensional (5D) consciousness. Along with several meditations to merge with your Twin Flame, we will cover the following topics: sleeping in your light body, waking up at night and getting rest, using essential oils to seal your gates, clearing your mental/emotional body and opening up your High Heart Channels.

  • Part 1: Balancing with Each Other
  • Part 2: Mental / Emotional Connections to your Cosmic Past & Conflict
  • Part 3: Feeling Intensity as You Leave 4D

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Surrender to Love™ (2 Part Series)

It’s time to let go of everything that is standing in the way of your Twin Flame Sacred Union! In this 2 part series, I offer an in-depth, detailed explanation of what you will experience during your Twin Flame awakening and your Ascension into 5D consciousness. I will also guide you towards clearing blocks in your relationship and make lifestyle changes that are necessary for you and your Twin Flame to full surrender to each other.

  • Part 1: Integrating the Polarity Shifts and New Connections
  • Part 2: Gradual Expansion of your Cosmic Selves

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Back to the Beginning™ (4 Part Series)

This is a 4 part series addresses the changes that occur between you and your Twin Flame.

  • ​Part 1: The Etheric Twin, The Twin Within
  • Part 2: Starting from the “End” – The Astral within the Spiritual Merge
  • Part 3: Elevating Yourselves & Others​
  • ​​Part 4: Finding Each Other & Maintaining

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