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I am here to assist you on your Twin Flame journey into 5D consciousness and Sacred Union. As your vibrational frequency rises, you may experience “Ascension Symptoms” and other challenges in your daily life and relationships. You may have questions about your Kundalini awakening, your Divine Counterpart or simply feel called to receive spiritual guidance.

Since 2007, I have helped people all over the world walk the Twin Flame path via private readings, spiritual coaching, guided meditations and energy work. My intuitive gifts include the unique ability to empathically “feel” your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine counterpart. This enables me to provide deep insight into each partner’s Twin Flame experience.

All sessions are conducted via Skype, Zoom, Phone or Google Hangouts. LGBT Friendly.

Please Contact Me if you have any questions.


Twin Flame Spirit Chat™ Session $100 USD

This 1 Hour Session is an opportunity for me to answer any questions you have about being a Twin Flame, Twin Flame / Sacred Union relationships, how to meet your Twin Flame or any subject related to 5D Ascension consciousness including dream interpretation. I use my gifts to channel information from spirit guides and “tune in” to the heart of your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame counterpart. No two Spirit Chat sessions are alike!

NOTE: There is no energy work done during Twin Flame Spirit Chat sessions. Recommended as an introduction or as a follow up to other sessions/workshops.



Causal Body Session™ Subtle Body Opening & Alignment $150 USD (with Recording of Session $160 USD)

Your Causal Body is how you manifest love, unlock abundance and step into your new life in 5D  consciousness. In these sessions, I will guide you through the process of opening and aligning your Causal Body. Every session is uniquely guided based on your own divine energy template and your vibrational frequency. Causal Body – Subtle Body Opening & Alignment Sessions will run over 1 Hour, giving us ample time to answer any questions that may arise.

NOTE: When booking a Causal Body Session, please fill out the Contact Form as well.



Twin Flame Cosmic Heart Reconnection™ Session $200 USD

For single Twin Flames or Twin Flame couples (LGBT friendly). These powerful sessions clear karma and re-center you in your Twin Flame Union. We will start with a true heart-to-heart chat and then I will read the Sacred Heart, a cosmic heart connection and multi-dimensional reading of your Human and Angelic aspects. During this work, we may uncover: simple base fears, information about your Twin Flame, your Color Ray and Angelic origins, planetary/cosmic origins (starseed) and your connection to the New Earth in 5D.

NOTE: What you receive in Twin Flame Cosmic Heart Reconnection Sessions may continue to integrate for several days after the session. Sessions may run over 1 Hour.



Divine Masculine-Feminine Alignment Session $400 USD

This session is very deep and powerful. In the days following your session, you will have at least one experience of your Twin Flame. During the session itself, you will be taught to elevate your vibration and draw upon your Highest Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine from 5D. Couples may use this session to call in their Higher Aspects for elevated physical togetherness within their Twin Flame Sacred Union. Your Heart, High Heart and 5D Shield will move and shift into place to bring you to New Earth.

NOTE: Divine Masculine-Feminine Alignment sessions are held in person at my studio in Chicago, IL or online via Zoom. Recommendations will be made for self-care in the days following your session.






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