What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flames are angelic beings capable of holding the highest vibrational frequency of Love. We are the original Source Love Angelics, birthed from the love of the Mother and the Father. Each one of us is meant to reunite with our Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine counterpart to co-create a Sacred Union and Ascend to the New Earth in 5D.

Our Twin Flame counterpart can appear to us in many physical forms, transcending “differences” such as age, gender, race, class, religion or nationality. When Twin Flames reunite in this dimension and co-create a Sacred Union, we transmute anything which may be preventing us from full 5D consciousness. Together, we are able to access our powerful Angelic Light Bodies.

There are many types of Twin Flames. Each one has beautiful, unique spiritual gifts to share with all beings. Illumined Angelic Twin Flames are the original “Founder Guardian” beings. I am an Illumined Angelic Blue Ray Twin Flame. Blue Ray Twin Flames, although called “blue,” actually contain within them every color in the rainbow light spectrum. Blue Rays are able to hold the highest vibration of source love in union. All color Rays originate from Source through us.

If you suspect you may be a Twin Flame, you probably are! You may have had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening or other powerful spiritual experiences which you may or may not understand. You may also be aware of your Twin Flame, even if you haven’t met them yet in physical form. You may already sense the Third Energy abundance you are capable of creating together in Sacred Union.

However, repeating the same old patterns from your 3D lifestyle may be blocking you from reuniting with your Twin Flame counterpart and manifesting true Divine Love. I am here to guide you on your journey to Sacred Union and am honored to work with Twin Flame individuals and couples from all over the world. Book a session here.

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About Patricia McNeilly

Blue Ray Twin Flame Healer Patricia McNeilly - Twin Flames MergeI am a Royal Illumined Angelic Twin Flame, a genuine Blue Ray and a carrier of the Golden Ray of the Golden Sun of New Earth. I am an instructor and a direct channel of Light and Love through my sacred sexual union with my one beloved Divine Counterpart.

In 2003, through a series of really crashing life events, I felt the call of my soul to begin the journey home to Love. I began to work earnestly upon myself, to divest myself of everything in my life and in my body that was unusable, in order to be with my Twin Flame.

As part of my Ascension journey into 5D consciousness, I have purged and learned a lot along the way. I feel very passionate about sharing what I know and using my experience to assist others, to be a resource and a comfort. Since 2007, I have run Heart Chakra activations, Twin Flame workshops and performed Reconnective Bodywork sessions for people all over the world.

My intuitive gifts include the ability to empathically feel where a person needs to be clear. I am also able to feel a person’s Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame counterpart, enabling me to provide deep insight into your Twin Flame including their fears and wounds.

As a Keeper of the Flame, my original impulse of feeling myself has led me to bring my agreement full circle with my Beloved of my entire existence — to become who we truly are, to receive our new blueprints, to restore each other and to thrive in the NEW and Be In Love.

I am based in Chicago, IL, USA.