Twin Flames Merge

Twin Flame Healer & Teacher Patricia McNeilly

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I feel totally safe in her presence

I AM truly blessed to have recently connected with Patricia McNeilly. Her messages are divine, empowering & resonate deep within the soul. Patricia is an angelic force of nature, the real McCoy. I feel totally safe in her presence. Thank you so very much for your guidance with my twin flame journey. Thank you for being. Eternally grateful.

Jodie, Australia

Patricia McNeilly is Powerful

Patricia is Powerful (meaning passionately), inspirational and uplifting yet easily comprehended and empathetic. This blue ray angel is an expanding and soothing individual and a collective consciousness of twin flame family. Blessings are showering upon us. Let’s take the clothes off and suck it all in!

Svetlana, USA

Patricia is so in touch…

I have searched out other Twin Flame providers of information and Patricia is the most informed yet…. There are others who claim to be TF guides but nope they are redundant… repetitive and lame… Patricia McNeilly is True Blue….Thank you Momma Bear!!!

Michelle, Canada

She is spot-on accurate

Patricia is a safe, very supportive, straight-forward, connected, grounded, warm, and caring teacher and guide for twin flames. She is spot-on accurate in her public YouTube videos as well as her private sessions and webinars about what twins are experiencing due to the world-wide energies as well as within our own individual unions.

Elizabeth, USA

Patricia has a truly sacred gift

If you have found Patricia I am here to assure you it is your heart that led the way. If you are considering having a session, of any kind, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Patricia. When I found Patricia I was frightened, sad and confused but after listening to just one YouTube video something shifted inside of me. I knew she had her finger on the pulse of the Twin Flame journey like no other. Patricia has a truly sacred gift. All that… and Patricia is funny too!!

Maureen, USA


Patricia was crucial to my journey

Surely Patricia was crucial in my understanding and surrendering for this journey. If it was not for her kindness and good mood, I would have gave up or I would be suffering more than I do with my ego.

Fernanda, Brazil

We are grateful for Patricia McNeilly

Patricia, I wanted to thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. You are doing amazing work and we are grateful. The exercises you have channeled have helped get the energy moving. We are always excited for your amazing webinars and YouTube videos.

Katherine & Ray, USA

Patricia McNeilly is exceptional

Patricia’s knowledge of the cosmic matrix is what makes her exceptional. She is always ‘on point’ when it comes to the energies affecting us all.

Tony, Australia

Patricia’s information always resonates

I think I can speak for myself and my Twin but the energy that was about before, during and after our chat was huge and we’re still processing all the valuable information you gave us for our journey ahead together. Being a naturally cautious couple we are very careful who we work with as there’s so much distorted information from less evolved souls on the web and we’ve followed your work for a few years now and your information always resonates with us and always feels authentic. That’s something you just can’t fake. Thank you again for your wisdom.

M & D, USA

My name is Patricia McNeilly. I am a Royal Illumined Angelic Twin Flame, a genuine Blue Ray and a carrier of the Golden Ray of the Golden Sun of New Earth. I am an instructor and a direct channel of Light and Love. I feel very passionate about sharing what I know and using my experience to assist others, to be a resource and a comfort.

Since 2007, I have run Heart Chakra activations, Twin Flame workshops and healing bodywork sessions for people all over the world. My intuitive gifts include the ability to empathically feel where a person needs to be clear.

I am also able to feel a person’s Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine Twin Flame counterpart, enabling me to provide deep insight into your Twin Flame including their fears and wounds.

Learn more and connect with me on my YouTube channel, Twin Flames Merge.